Trekking Mount Batur

Batur Mountain Trekking is a must do activity when visiting Bali. Enjoy a glorious and majestic sunrise scenery. The gradient of orange and purple peeks from the horizon, before the soft brightness of the sun reveals. On the some days you will feel like floating above the cloud as its position is literally below where you stand. We provide 2 vantage point options at the peak (1717 m above sea level).

The hiking requires physical activity. We will equip you with head torch, trekking pole and rainy coat. Our qualified guide can customize the trekking pace and can assist for any inconvenience. At the peak there are curious wild monkeys

On decent the tour will pass natural hot steams excreted from mountain cracks (Locals call it “anti aging spa”), sacred cave that is used by Balinese ancestors to do spiritual meditation, and Batur lake and its gorgeous view.


Get to the peak just in time to take photos of a breathtaking sunrise

Hike all the way to the top of Mount Batur for stunning views of Bali