Indigenous Way of Life (Min 2 Pax)

From: $1,350,000



The tour turns back the time to Bali before tourism and commercial days. This tour goes to the heart of Bali in Blandingan village, where the locals live like the ancient days. This tour give the opportunity for the outside world to peek and experience the lifestyle of Balinese indigenous people. Most Balinese (90%) are people whose ancestors migrated from Java Island during the dominance of Majapahit kingdom in South East Asia. The Blandingan indigenous people are different than most Balinese, a lot of people call them mountain people. They established their own philosophies (including religious belief, architecture, lifestyle, characteristics, etc.). This tour will explore such philosophies.

The tour will also give tourist opportunities to experience works in simpler life including: morning prayer, farming, breeding, etc.

Important things To Bring:

  • Jacket
  • Camera
  • Shoes / boot
  • Cap


  • Your own Private car and private tour
  • Driver and English Speaking local guide
  • Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off by Air Conditioned Car
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Private English Speaking Guide
  • 1 night Local homestay
  • Mineral water
  • 1x Lunch local food
  • 1x Breakfast
  • 1x Dinner Local foodAdditional Info•          Not recommended for person with heavy injury or serious medical condition.


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