Bali Extreme Sky Adventure

Bali Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and sea.
Starting from the stretch of white sand, the blue sea water, and the steep cliffs in the south Kuta area.
Hi this will be very memorable if we can see from a different perspective, we can get it all by looking from above.

Paragliding extreme sports that are very popular with tourists who have an adventurous spirit. Match in the Pandawa beach area you will be spoiled by the scenery for about 15 minutes which is very memorable. You will fly accompanied by an experienced instructor in their field.

And we will move to the famous Tanjung Benoa area with water sports. In Tanjung Benoa, we will feel again the experience that triggered adrenaline again, namely parasailing and Fly fish adventure.
Adventure parasailing will take you around with the parachute that is pulled by using a boat with a duration of approximately 6 minutes you will be taken around the tanjung benoa waters. Do not miss the no less exciting is Fly Fish, by using a boat you will be pulled until the rubber with the flying fish can float as if you are riding on a kite. The excitement will not be lost in memory if you.