Biggie Camper

This is not an ordinary Bali adventure. About 30% of Bali is composed of commercial area tourist area, however the 70% is still surprisingly pristine. Although its not bein commercialized yet, these pristine locations offer various hidden gems to enjoy such as remarkable scenery and experience.

To uncover these hidden gems, we will provide numerous recommended routes to take so that you can maximize your time. To name a few: The eastern route for example will pass deer forest with a beautiful cliff, virgin beach, Batur lake and mountain, waterfalls, scenic foothills drive, etc.

While the western route and northern route may consist of Camping ground that has all-nature activities like fishing spots and snorkeling, dam, the locals rice terraces, forest bridge, etc. Maximize the ultimate road trip adventure with The Pacific Nomads.

Although the above locations have limited accommodation, The Pacific Nomads is equipped with amnesties, such as folding bed, shower, wash basin, mini fridge, exhaust fan, lighting, cooking facilities, etc. Ensuring the comfort of your adventure. So wakeup wherever and whenever you want.